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Course Setting

Course Setting a course means to arrange in a row. A row of bricks, when laid in a wall, is called a course. It is a continuous level range or row of brick or masonry throughout the face or faces of a building. Each horizontal layer of brick in a masonry structure is called a course. Brick laid flat and perpendicular to the face of the wall are called headers. A header course consists entirely of headers (horizontal, short, narrow side laid on wide edge).

Rowlock Occasionally a special type of course is used for either structural or decorative purposes. The rowlock or rolok is similar to the header course except that the brick are laid on narrow or face edge. This type of course is often used as the top course or cap of garden walls and as window and door sills (horizontal, short, narrow side laid on narrow edge).

Stretcher Brick laid flat with the long face parallel to the wall are called a stretchers. When all the brick in the course are laid in this manner, it is called a stretcher course. (horizontal, long, narrow)

Soldier A soldier course is one in which brick are laid standing on end with the narrow edge facing out. This type of course is sometimes used for decorative effects over door and window openings and in fireplace facings (vertical, long, narrow).

Sailor A sailor course is similar to the soldier course but with the wide edge facing out. It is used for decorative effects (vertical, long, wide). The width of a masonry structure can be measured by stretchers and joints. The height of a masonry structure can be measured by courses and joints.

 Wall Laid in English Bond,
When a brick is laid down the mason must decide which side of the brick will face outside towards the viewer. Will the brick be set flat or will it stand up? Will the wide side or the narrow side face out? The following are terms which describe how the brick is set. Is it vertical or horizontal? Does it show the long or or the short side? Does it show the narrow or the wide side?  Is it laid down on the narrow edge or the wide edge?
Custom Fireplace 

Note: Mortar should be protected from freezing for at least 48 hours after construction. If your project involves laying brick or block during cold weather,

Joints and Courses

Bond A bond is the patterned arrangement of brick or stone in a wall. The brick must be lapped upon one another, to prevent vertical joints from falling over each other.

Mortar Mortar is a pasty building material composed of sand, lime and cement mixed with water. This mixture gradually hardens when exposed to the air. Mortar is used as a joining medium in brick and stone construction.

Joint A joint is the mortar bond placed between individual masonry units such as brick, block or stone.

BTW, did you know that mortar is available in different strengths?

Type M is the strongest and is not generally used to lay bricks on vertical surfaces.

Type S is normally used for exterior brick veneer.

Type N is generally used inside, particularly where freezing temperatures occur.

Type O and Type K are seldom used any more but when they are, you may find them being used with old bricks since they allow some movement in the wall to help minimize cracking of softer brick. Here is an easy way to remember the types of mortar, in order of strength from left to right:
M a S o N     w O r K

Buying Brick
Plan on 5 bricks per square foot in a paving project. Plan on 7 per square foot for a wall. The difference is due to the size of the bricks, the pattern used and the grout or mortar thickness.
There are 516 brick on a pallet.
There are 896 pavers on a pallet.

Unless you are experienced at cutting brick, buy some extras to allow for mistakes or call us.
Always use the correct mortar mix for the project.

Types of Brick

Building brick Structural bricks are for construction. The holes are there to save material and reduce weight.
Face brick The solid ones that show. They are available in various colors, sizes and shapes.
Firebrick Heat resistant; made especially for fireplace or heat-sensitive construction.
Pavers For sidewalks, patios, and edging.
Antique or tumbled brick For instantly achieving the impression of antiquity.

Structural bricks are for construction.

Pavers come in various shapes and sizes.
Grades of Brick
There are three grades of brick to choose from:
Grade SW Severe Weathering - able to experience freeze and thaw cycles.
Grade MW Moderate Weathering - tolerance to frost and freezing. Used for outdoor walls.
No Weathering for indoor use only.

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