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Traditional stucco

Traditional stucco is a cement mixture used for siding, usually on Mission or other Spanish style homes. The cement is combined with water and inert materials such as sand and lime. Usually, wooden walls are covered with tar paper and chicken wire or galvanized metal screening. This framework is then covered with the stucco mixture. Sometimes, the cement mix is applied directly to specially prepared masonry surfaces.

Stucco-sided homes

Although stucco-sided homes became popular in twentieth century America, the concept of using cement mixtures in architecture goes back to ancient times. Wall frescoes by ancient Greeks and Romans were painted on fine-grained hard plaster surfaces made of gypsum, marble dust and glue.

Stucco techniques

Stucco techniques were elaborated by the Italians during the Renaissance and spread through Europe. This marble dust compound could be molded into decorative shapes, polished to a sheen or painted. Many homes built after the 1950s use a variety of synthetic materials which resemble stucco. Mock stucco siding is often composed of foam insulation board or cement panels secured to the walls. Although synthetic stucco may look authentic, real stucco tends to be heavier. Walls made of genuine stucco sound solid when tapped and will be less likely to suffer damage from a hard blow. Also, genuine stucco holds up well in wet conditions. Although it is porous and will absorb moisture, it will dry easily, without damage to the structure.

One type of synthetic stucco

One type of synthetic stucco, known as EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems), has been associated with moisture problems. The underlying wood on EIFS sided homes may suffer rot damage. However, other types of synthetic stucco are quite durable. It's always a wise to have a professional inspection before purchasing a stucco-sided home.

We do Stucco and we do it right!

We can stucco your new home. We can re-stucco your older Gastonia NC home and make it look new! We can stucco over your wood siding to create a hard, energy efficient, and beautiful new stucco exterior. We lath and plaster new Gastonia NC homes and additions, and fix all types of patches, We do both 3- coat systems and 2 coat systems. We can provide conventional or acrylic finishes in many different textures to either match or change the appearance of your house. We also specialize in applying styrotrim (Stucco coated stryrofoam moulding) around windows and doors or to add accents anywhere you want them.

We offer the following services:

Interior Lath and Plaster Exterior Lath and Stucco Venetian Plaster Foam-Filled Precast Architectural details Architectural Foam Mouldings Erect Scaffolding Sand Blasting and Restucco Residential & Commercial Specialists E.I.F.S. Acrylic Plastering Applications Armourcoat Polished Plaster App. G.F.R.C. Lagoon Pools and Spas Design and Consultations Available Installation of pre-manufactured or custom precast fireplace surrounds and mantels

Stucco Expansion Joints

The following picture shows an example of a home with proper expansion joints. Expansion Joints are installed into the stucco when the house is built. Both vertical and horizontal joints are applied at each window and door. This procedure will prevent the stucco from cracking.

Do you have stucco cracks, bulges or even stucco falling off of your Gastonia NC house?

This may mean you have rotten wood under the stucco. We can help! Whether you have hardcoat or synthetic stucco (EIFS - Exterior Insulation & Finish System) We can correct the problem. Water intrusion beneath the stucco causes the rotting wood. This can happen where the roof line meets a vertical wall, or through cracks in the stucco which can be caused when the building settles.

We do stucco chimney repair and repair bird holes too!

Stucco Bottom Cut
During construction of a home the stucco exterior is installed prior to installation of concrete driveways, sidewalks, porches or steps. When this procedure is followed the stucco will be behind and below the concrete. If, at this time, the stucco is not finished and sealed correctly it will be in contact with the soil under the concrete. This condition can create an easy passage for termite infestation and insects. Rotting wood and/or termite infestation can be a result. To prevent this problem we do a procedure called Stucco Cut Back, or Stucco Cut at Ground Level. We remove the stucco on a 45 angle, reseal and waterproof the bottom edge. Fiberglass mesh is installed and the area is skimmed and refinished. A decorative trim band can be installed in all areas where concrete, stone or brick contacts the stucco. This procedure complements the overall exterior design of your home. It gives a finished, well manicured look to the area which was repaired as shown in the pictures below.

Stucco Behind & Below the Stone
Bottom Cut & New Trimband Complete
Stucco in contact with concrete, prior to a bottom cut.
After the Bottom Cut with a Trimband Installed



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